Jazz Plus Picks 021 | Snazzback | 04.04.18

An extra special one: we can’t wait for Snazzback to play for us on Sat 14th April. We’ve chatted to all the snazziest boys in town – Dave, Eli, Chris and Rich – and they’ve each told us the tunes they can’t live without.

Read on and mine for gold below…

Portico Quartet – Ruins

Dave Sanders (saxophone) – I can remember the first time I heard this tune. I’ve listened to it countless times and it never fails to move me. Jack Wyllie’s melodies on soprano are at once haunting and beautiful and the music rises and falls effortlessly before descending into chaos. Portico’s work constantly inspires and challenges me, I have so much love for them!


Donny Hathaway – A Song For You

Eli Jitsuto (guitar) – Faultless vocals, great piano playing. A huge storm of emotion that’s incomparable to any song I’ve ever heard. Leon Russell originally wrote it but this rendition still leaves me speechless.


Frippertronics – The New World

Chris Langton (drums) – Robert Fripp on tape loops, creating seismic shifts. I can never get bored of this recording, it has been a cinematic dream for me each time I listen to it.


Pat Metheny – Rise Up

Rich Allen (bass) – I’ve been a big Metheny fan ever since I first heard Watercolours. This track is one of my favourites at the moment and was definitely a point of reference for me when we were writing the new album. His use of modulation and pedal-point to create and release tension here is frigging epic.


Sons Of Kemet – Play Mass

Dave – I absolutely adore the sounds Sons of Kemet are making right now. Such imaginative use of their unorthodox instrumentation. This tune in particular has an infectious groove and Shabaka Hutchins’ motivic and authoritative melodic genius shines through. Shabaka is one of the most exciting saxophonists in the UK right now in my opinion. Although I’m somewhat spoilt for choice with great musical vibes emanating from London right now! What an invigorating time to be making music.


Wes Montgomery – Four on six

Eli – One of my favourite guitar players. Self-taught with a great ear. Always laid back and calm on stage, while playing some of the most tasteful licks so effortlessly. A pioneer of jazz guitar.


Tortoise – Glass Museum

Chris – Tortoise, who need no introduction, have always been an ongoing inspiration for me when songwriting. I love their twisted rock/jazz experimentation and rhythmic complexities done in the darkness but still with all the space. Post rock pioneers.


Medeski Martin & Wood – Amber Girls

Rich – These guys were fusing hip-hop beats with jazz aesthetic way before BBNG were out of short-pants. Chris Wood also happens to be one of my biggest influences as a bassist. MMW’s diy approach is something that really resonates with us too – drummer Billy Martin produced this video along with all of the band’s artwork and visuals over the years.


 Joomanji – Spread Too Thin (Feat. Lindsay Olsen & Nick Bianchini)

Dave – Our singer Lucie showed me this band recently and frankly I’ve been obsessed with them, particularly with this track. The horns sound delicate and luscious, and the vocals are distinct, soulful and just sublime! The whole track is like a warm hug. I’m hoping for big things and more music from these guys soon.

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