Track of the week: Snazzback – Sandal’s Disaster

This week we’re all about Snazzback. They dropped this wild and rhythmic creation recently, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Hedge’ later this year. The tune is “about repetitive strain injury and footwear”. We’re hoping all Snazzback’s feet will be be in full working order at our Jazz Plus Presents gig with them this Saturday 14th April. Get your ticket here (it’s cheaper in advance):

Listen here:

Sandal's Disaster 08/02/18

Here is our new video; Sandal's Disaster, written about repetitive strain injury and footwear… This is one track from our upcoming album – 'Hedge' to be release late June. Keep 22nd June free for the release party at The Jam Jar Bristol. (Click HD on video and please share)

Posted by Snazzback on Saturday, 17 February 2018


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