Jazz Plus Ensemble


Jazz Plus Productions is a promoter, record label, and booking agency, focusing on young jazz artists doing exciting things round the UK. It is now a collective of musicians as well…

Jazz Plus Ensemble is a long awaited project, bringing together a group of young musicians to reinvent a jazz big band sound. The collective is 18 strong, with trumpets, trombones, saxes, rhythm and vocals too.

The aim is to play music we are all passionate about: new arrangements and compositions, the likes of which people wouldn’t think they’d hear from a big band. Expect hip hop inspired grooves, tunes you will recognised reinvented using a large ensemble, changing time signatures, and enthralling solos.

'collective' the debut album from Jazz Plus Ensemble is coming soon.  We’re excited to announce this, and think it’s something well worth watching out for…

Artist Management: jpe (@) jazzplus.org



Jazz Plus Ensemble - collective - ALBUM PREVIEW

Jazz Plus Ensemble - Monkey Suit (rehearsal)

Jazz Plus Ensemble - Monkey Suit (rehearsal)

A little taste of what's to come with #JazzPlusEnsemble.

Posted by jazz plus productions on Wednesday, 27 March 2019