jazz plus picks 011 | Sam Healey (GLOWROGUES, Skeltr)

Sam Healey is a hefty force in the jazz world; a phenomenal sax player playing primarily with GLOWROGUES and Skeltr. We’ve delved into his musical mind… he says,

“I’ve picked my tunes I’m most into at the moment that have a deep emotional connection for me. The emotional connection mainly comes from a personal sense that the musicians in question had the INTENTION to benefit other people with their music…..that to me is the most beautiful thing can be done with music, create the intention to benefit others.”

Hiromi Uehara – Return of the Kung Fu World Champion

Hiromi is a wonderful musician and although this video is old now, she was pointing where we were all going aaaaages before most of us went there.

I always wonder what would have happened had Hiromi and FlyLo dated……


Daedelus – Onward 

Daedelus is a trained Jazz musician (read his Spotify bio) so his mastery of electronic music and mixing comes from a special place – for me, his acoustic instrument understanding is what creates the atmosphere on this track


Tigran Hamasayan – Vardavar 

Tigran really means it. From his heart – in this video I reckon you can witness the inner child playfulness required to create something other people can feel just through noise.


Tim Garland – The Patience of Trees 

I was fortunate to spend some time with Tim as a youngster and he has had a huge influence on me. With having my own duo that sounds like a 6 piece band I’m always interested in how musicians bring other instruments into a solo performance. Here Tim gives a masterclass on how to.


Jacob Collier – In the Real Early Morning 

I went to the same school as Jacob and I respect his skills and feel – like Tigran, I think he means it from his heart. What is scary is I don’t think we’ve heard his best music yet.

Sam is part of the stellar lineup of musicians on GLOWROGUES – Live at Jazz Plus Presents, available for pre-order HERE.

Sam is also involved in an exciting new project Skeltr – keep your ears peeled, and give them a like on Facebook.

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