jazz plus picks 014 | Feelgood Experiment | 20.10.17

Super excited to have seriously tight soul hop grooves from Bristol based Feelgood Experiment playing at our next Jazz Plus Presents night in London. They’ve shared their favourite jams with us ahead of tomorrow’s gig.


Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda – Er Ra

This has only recently been released – find it really inspiring, intriguing and just so beautiful – particularly how you can feel how spiritually led it is, it has a whole other dimension.



Sun Ra – Island In The Sun

Blissed out ponderous contentment.



Bugzy Malone – Through The Night (feat. DJ Luck and MC Neat) 

Always good to listen to this one in the car!



Hudson Mohawke – You Got Money 

Recently listened again to Hudson Mohawke’s, Hudson’s Heeters. It dropped in 2006 but still sounds so fresh! Every tune is so infectious. My playing has definitely taken a lot of inspiration from the beats on this tape.




The whole recording just has a lovely sound to it. It reminds me every time of the first time I listened to it, sitting on my sofa one morning.

Catch Feelgood Experiment live at Jazz Plus Presents at The Macbeth of Hoxton TOMORROW. Tickets HERE.

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