jazz plus picks 015 | Matthew Sulzmann | 16.11.17

We caught up with the soppiest sop player in the business and all round lovely bloke and talented player, Matthew Sulzmann, to hear the jazz he’s digging right now.

Matthew Sulzmann is a soprano/alto saxophonist and composer based in London. Since graduating with a First from the Royal Academy music in 2015 he has performed at many of London’s top jazz venues, and has appeared with groups including James Brady’s “Voyagers”, Stan Sulzmann’s “Neon Orchestra”, the Dom Ingham Sextet, and the London Jazz Orchestra, as well as leading a quintet under his own name.

For more information see matthewsulzmann.co.uk

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Neon – Here to There

This album came out right about the time I was starting to get into jazz and I used to get to go along and see my dad play in this group. I didn’t have a clue what was going on but I found the music very exciting! I still love this group and regularly find myself coming back to all three Neon albums.


Kurt Rosenwinkel – View From Moscow, from The Remedy

I love the energy in this track – it manages to stay exciting for a full 13 minutes and there’s a great sense of all the players “reaching” in their solos.


Cannonball Adderley – Sambops, from Cannonball’s Bossa Nova

Such a joyous track! Cannonball is absolutely flying through the changes but still so groovy, and with that big warm alto sound he is known for.


Fractal Limit – Choro Meu

This a cool project that great pianist Will Barry introduced me to recently – their album “Lighthouse” in particular is worth a listen. I find the writing really refreshing, and the stripped down instrumentation allows for a for a very economic delivery of the material.


Joni Mitchell – You Dream Flat Tires, from Travelogue

So many great musicians come together on this album. Vince Mendoza’s arrangements are absolutely beautiful and full of character. This track is so swaggering and the little bluesy tenor fills always give me a chuckle for being so “in”.


Bill Evans – On a Clear Day, from Alone

This is one of the first “jazz” tracks I was into as a kid and Bill remains one of my favourite piano players. I love his harmonic sound world and there’s an incredible vulnerability in his playing on this whole album.


Alex Hitchcock – Gift Horse

Alex is a monster player with a really distinct voice already as an improviser. His quintet is well worth checking out for the great writing and soloists.

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