jazz plus picks 012 | Somewhere Soul | 22.09.17

Like a lot of people, we’re tuned in to Somewhere Soul for all the best bubblers in soul/jazz/hip-hop and more. We’re flattered that Josh and Tom have taken the time to let us know what’s getting them grooving at the moment.

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Josh’s picks

Josh: “I don’t really go digging for certain types of music, I just know as soon as I hear it whether it’s got that element of soul that always appeases my tastes. So I’ve selected 5 tracks all from completely different genres that deliver that special soulful quality in very different ways. I’ve arranged them in chronological order of discovery.”

Floetry – ‘Say Yes’ 

This was the song that made me fall in love with neo-soul and lead me onto artists such as Erykah Badu, D’angelo and Musiq Soulchild. The chords are gorgeous and the vocal still gives me goosebumps today.


Finebassen – ‘It’s Gonna Take A Long Time (Silly Pilly Edit)’

This track takes me straight back to interrailing around Europe which is where I first heard it and played it on repeat for about two weeks. The groove is unreal and I love the way it melts you into the chorus. I’ve played this one out a lot and it always gets an amazing reception.


Maribou State – ‘Moon Circles’ 

I’ll never forget the first time I discovered Maribou State, I’d never heard anything like it before. There’s such a rawness to their music that’s missing from a lot of electronic music and the textures they produce are so beautiful. ‘Moon Circles’ is my favourite of theirs, enjoyed best on a sunny morning.


Chaos in the CBD – ‘Midnight in Peckham’

This track encapsulates University for me. It’s the late bus rides home, the blurred after party memories, the nervous excitement and the new people all meshed into 7 minutes of blissful house music. The whole EP is amazing but for me this is the standout track.


Tom Misch – ‘The Journey’

You don’t easily forget the first time you cry to a piece of music and even after what must be thousands of listens it still has the power to glass my eyes over. I’ve never heard so much emotion packed into a boom bap hip-hop track and don’t even get me started on the guitar solo. It’s still my favourite Tom Misch track.


Tom’s Picks

Tom: “I’m definitely a bit of a genre joyrider in how I listen to music. That said, there are a few key ingredients that I always look out for. I’m a sucker for positive vibes, a killer horn section and conscious rap. If it makes me feel – good; dance – great; both? I’m yours.”

Chance the rapper – ‘So Good (Good Ass Intro)’

‘Acid Rap’ is probably the hip-hop album that has impacted me the most over the last five years. This track in particular. The zany yet tight production, Chance’s unique vocal quirks, not to mention what he’s done for the industry as a whole. The mixtape is a masterpiece.


Brasstracks – ‘Melanin Man (ft. Masego’

Brasstracks are a duo that have recently seen the fame they really deserve. The innovation of their early work combining brass with hip-hop beats is summed up perfectly in this message they received a few years ago. I couldn’t agree more.


Ezra Collective – ‘Chapter 7 ft. Ty’

As a keystone of the UK’s recent “jazz invasion”, the Ezra Collective’s sound blends jazz with afro beat, reggae and funk in blissful measure. This is probably my favourite of their selection and an iconic illustration of exactly the fusion I’m talking about. It’s 90s East coast rap meets shady London blues bar – now that’s a combination.


GoldLink – ‘Meditation ft. Jazmine Sullivan, Kaytranada’

For me, this track is just as much about GoldLink as it is about Kaytranada’s production. Laying GoldLink’s versatile vocals over that heavy groove is a no-brainer. The same goes for Kaytra’s work with Anderson .Paak. It’s as smooth as R&B but as danceable as house – what more could you want?


Franc Moody – ‘Dopamine’

When this tune hit my inbox, I was blown away. The bassline – it’s all you need to say about this one. Pure funk goodness. At the time, the duo had a handful of followers. Only a few months later they’re on the rise, and fast. Definitely one to watch.

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