The Poetry Experiment

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Jazz Plus presented new project, The Poetry Experiment, at one of our curated events for DJAZZ Durham City Jazz Festival 2018.

The Poetry Experiment:

A blend of Food and Liquor,
Madvillainy jazz standard figures,
Cayotes in hiatus howling over butterflies in mazes.
Through this voice we try to capture the rapture of Robert Glasper.
This is the Poetry Experiment,
Our name is self-evident,
We bring you music and spoken word for betterment
Like soul food,
It’s soulful,
It’s so full of sweet melodies-
The instrumentals of our childhood memories.
We reside on the corner of what you knew
And thought possible;
The roads less travelled
But more followed…’

The Poetry Experiment – Simba’s Freestyle (Jazz Plus Presents at DJAZZ Festival)

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