Everyone's favourite low fi beatmaker and all round real cool guy, Lushandverdant, got on board at a Jazz Plus Presents gig in Notting Hill Arts Club in April 2017.

A live electronic set saw him triggering mad operatic vocal samples and deep Madlib-esque kicks off his controller, providing a real treat from a hugely talented drummer and producer.

In November 2018 Lushandverdant dropped a 4 track EP on Jazz Plus, launching it playing live at Rye Wax in Peckham.

London hip-hop producer Lushandverdant (a.k.a Luke Steven) cooks up soups of the beat variety. This raw 4 track release comes solely from 70s and 80s gospel ingredients, and it tastes good. With the title "pls soz thx", and artwork that wouldn't be amiss in an early 19th century prayer book, the music has an eye on things of the spirit. But it's also got enough booming low end to keep everybody down to earth.


Lushandverdant (Jazz Plus Live Session)