Beats on Book

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Beats On Book is a seven-piece funk/spoken word collective, based in Manchester.
Jazz Plus has presented the band at a Jazz Plus Presents gig at Love Supreme Festival in June 2018.
Two of the most exciting young poets in the UK, Colin Bramwell (twice award-nominated poet, Prague Fringe 2016-17) and Criss Roden (suspicious of accolades), combine with five of the most fearless jazz musicians that the north of England has to offer. The result is a high-octane fusion of blistered funk and rhetoric that foams at the mouth like a dog in a sauna.

They completed their first UK tour, supported by a raft of incredible spoken word/musical artists, in April 2018, with another planned for later in the year. Their shows, like an eight-year-old on nitrous oxide, are high-energy, irreverent and hilarious. They hold your mind hostage with obese beats and melodies, and set your body free with stanzas you can shake your ass to.

Beats on Book – Gold (LEAF, Manchester)

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