jazz plus picks 009 | Molten Jets

We checked in with movers and (home)shakers, the El Dude brothers, Ja and Hermish over at Molten Jets to sniff through their record collections. Molten Jets are “the complete 900º forward roll, firing hot jets of audio and video to your buds”, and you need to brace yourself for their next eruption ASAP.

Selections from Ja:


Listen to the whole album. These young nerds will make your twad fall out.


Paul McCartney – Arrow Right Through Me

Paul’s first two solo albums have some belters, but I’ve gone with this sleazy funk track he did with Wings.


BEAK – The Broken Window

Shit hot bona fuel fresh outta Brizzle.


Haroumi Hosono – Hurricane Dorothy


The man is a genius. A member of the mighty YMO who has a deep catalogue of solo music.


Amanaz – Khala My Friend

Sweet 70s Zam-rock that makes you wave to your grandma with tears of joy.


Hermish’s picks:

Homeshake – Making A Fool Of You

We introduced jazz plus co-founder, Chris, to Homeshake and made him a man.


Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool 

Nonsense from a Krautrock legend.


Ross From Friends – Romeo, Romeo

The star of our first ever vid, Ross is boss.


Biig Piig – 24K

Unlike most unfortunate hogs, this one has a bright future ahead of her.


Lord Apex – Interplanetary Funk 

Kick back and flex the ‘Pex, title track from an excellent new LP worth checking out. 

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