jazz plus picks 006 | Little Rivers | 07.05.17

We caught up with friend of jazz plus, Little Rivers (aka Callum Cairns), to find out the jazz plussiest tunes he’s listening to at the moment…

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Quadron – LFT

I first heard these guys some years ago, and they became a firm favourite of a good friend of mine. Coco O’s voice floats perfectly in this track in particular.


Laura Mvula – Make Me Lovely 

From her debut album, this track always stuck out each time I listened through the record. The bouncy instrumental’s rhythm pattern is what makes the song so great


Tranquility Bass – Cantamilla

Found this track through Nightmares On Wax’ Late Night Tales compilation that a friend recommended. Though my knowledge is weak, I’m a sucker for artists bringing the broad range of ‘world music’ influences into their sampling realm.


Lone – Airglow Fires

Big jazz influences with top notch production, this album was one of the first that helped me get into more electronic artists. Well worth checking out.


Jaco Pastorius – Kuru/ Speak Like a Child

The first instrument I learnt after clarinet and sax was the bass, and Jaco was a name that a lot of bass players spoke all about. It’s no surprise why.


Hot 8 Brass Band – Rastafunk


Before I moved to Liverpool I had never really experienced a brass band in their element, and the Fiesta Bombarda events completely changed this. This is one of my favourites.


BJ the Chicago Kid – Turnin’ Me Up

While living in the French Alps this song cropped up via the ever changing playlists of Spotify and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. Infectious and easy groove


Kaytranada – ATM Jam


Another great electronic artist with a reputation for producing artists like The internet and Kendrick Lemar, though arguably some of his best work is his own writing. His headline show for The Warehouse Project a few years back was killer.


John Coltrane – Impressions 

I used to play a fair amount of jazz clarinet and sax, and Coltrane was one of my idols. Tone and technique together, a real legend.


OAKS – Forelsket

A producer from Belfast doing really interesting things. Really respect how he writes and samples. This is from his first album, and he remains for me one of the most interesting artists producing in the city now.

Check out Little Rivers’ latest single ‘Champion’ available HERE on ¥ume Recordings

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