Jazz Plus Picks 017 | Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley | 23.01.18

Ahead of his Jazz Plus Presents gig at Servant Jazz Quarters on 6th Feb, Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley has picked out some of the tunes that have been lastingly inspirational for him.

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Maurice Ravel – String Quartet in F major

This is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard recently. Every single moment is portraying such an overwhelming emotion, it really is a masterpiece.


Goat Rodeo Sessions – Atta Boy

The whole album is other worldly, music without fear of being misidentified. Its genre skipping line up have such a wealth of experience and they work towards making one thing only – music for musics sake.


Christian McBride Big Band – Getting To It – Bringin It

I recently avoided bowing to royalty while freelancing on a show, though I was supposed to. However I would have no issue bowing to his highness Christian McBride. He bursts with soul and joyous radiance and is a huge hero of mine.


Chris Potter – The Dreamer is the Dream 

I had the pleasure of playing on a mini tour with Chris Potter and would like to state that the real Jesus Christ has arrived on earth. The other guy was a fake, he’s here now and everything is fine. Do I need to comment on Potter’s musicality? No, we all know.


Igor Stravinsky – Octet for Woodwind Instruments


Jaco Pistorius – Forgotten Love 

A piece I revisit frequently. Hauntingly beautiful with Hancock at the piano accompanied by strings. Always brings a lot of imagery out this piece and is one of the first tunes I heard growing up from my dad.


Gwilym Simcock – 1981

I couldn’t sleep after the first time I went to one of Gwilym’s gigs, honestly – I know that’s a cliche but that’s the only time that’s ever happened to me. Such an original individual sound, I was in some kind of shock!


1000 Umbrellas – XTC 

A great pop band that can make anything work harmonically. They’re outrageous with the way they bully harmony and bend unusual ideas into melodically driven accessible pop.


Eric Whitacre – Sleep

A gorgeous piece of music bringing choral music into the modern with both harmony and storytelling lyrics.


Richard Strauss – Metamorphosen for 23 Solo Strings 


Simply one of the greatest pieces ever written. Over 20 minutes of some of the most powerful emotions you could ever capture or discover as a composer or listener.


Linda May Han Oh – Perpluzzle

She sounds like no one other than herself. Her compositions are living and breathing. Her latest album ‘Walk Against Wind’ feels like a special moment in time. This particular tune is a real treasure. The secundal harmony that decorates or is an unidentical twin to the melody is the most exciting sound – the way I’d like to describe it is that it’s like tug of war for the ears which are walking on a tightrope whilst holding attracting ends of magnets. Giver her a listen and you’ll lose your mind too.

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