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Manchester based Skeltr played for Jazz Plus in February 2018, at the Macbeth of Hoxton, bringing their Spiritual Punk Funk with sumptuous, technically prolific saxophone solos alongside mysterious samples, synths and loopers for a heartwrenching and thoughtful cascade of modern and technical soulful funk.

After playing a number of dates on tour with KNOWER, we caught them as they started a huge 2018.

“After a matter of seconds of the opening number, it was clear this was going to be one of those extra special gigs”
– Paul Bream, Jazz North East

“An electrifying new duo in which Sam Healey’s roaring sax lines soar above Craig Hanson’s drum patterns, electronic soundscapes and samples, manipulated live in the moment: a striking, expansive sound with a buzzing energy at its core.”
– Steve Mead, Manchester Jazz Festival


Skeltr – Mani Pamé (Jazz Plus Presents)

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